Capital Allowances and other construction & property incentives can be some of the most valuable reliefs available in the UK tax system, but they can also be complex. The good news? We can help you make strategic decisions and carefully plan your property expenditure from the outset. 

Led by experienced surveying and construction professionals Michael Murray and Robert Winters, our Construction & Property Incentives team is uniquely positioned to provide strategic advice on capital allowances in the built environment.

Part of your project team

Our role first and foremost is to listen to our clients and the needs of their business in relation to their property investments and then provide clear and concise advice.

Our approach is to get involved as early as possible, whether during a property transaction or design stage of a new build or refurbishment project.

The team’s surveying and construction experience allows them to interact effectively with architects, consulting engineers, project managers, lawyers and accountants alike. We are essentially the bridge builders between the worlds of commercial property and accountancy.

Optimising your position

Changes to the Building Regulations in Scotland and the rest of the UK continue to challenge investors in property with respect to energy efficiency and the environment. As the financial implications of compliance for any investor can be significant – our team’s in-depth knowledge can assist in mitigating this financial burden by providing strategies and options to optimise your capital allowances position.

How we can help

We work with clients across all sectors of commercial property and our team has extensive knowledge of all key sectors – from offices, hotels, industrial and specialist manufacturing to sports stadia, education, agriculture, retail and healthcare – as well as in-depth knowledge of all types of renewable energy technologies.

For further information on our Construction & Property Incentives service please contact Michael Murray or Robert Winters.

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