The world’s marketplace has undergone massive change in recent years as traditionally strong economies have adjusted, firstly to downturn and latterly, to the slow pace of recovery, while emerging economies have been a key factor in generating increased global competition.

Underlying this picture is a continually changing regulatory environment which demands that companies have access to advice which will help them adapt to the new financial landscape.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure their audit and financial reporting meet ever more robust requirements with the recent introduction of FRS 102 replacing the previously adopted UK GAAP system.

As your trusted advisers, our role is to ease that pressure by guiding you through this complex area.

Our Audit and Assurance team, led by Graham Marjoribanks, provide expert advice to hundreds of businesses, helping them meet the UK’s regulatory requirements.

Our expertise in statutory audits enables us to tailor our approach to deliver robust financial statements which recognise the specific challenges of your business and the sector in which you operate.

With technology now a crucial part of day-to-day activity for clients, our IT audit assurance service will focus on the effectiveness and reliability of your systems, and on mitigating any risk to your operations, particularly in an environment in which cyber security is an increasing concern for many firms.

We can also offer you specialist support such as group reporting including technical guidance on acquisitions and restructurings, financial instruments, hedge accounting and share options as well as impact assessments and grant certification.

Where appointed as your internal auditor, we will review your systems and procedures, identify the key controls to mitigate business risk, and test their operating effectiveness, enabling you to make the right decisions for your business and its future success.

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