What is the Cash flow assessment?

Our assessment asks a number of questions targeting specific areas of your cash flow cycle. Based on your answers, we’ll provide you with our high level observations on your business, breaking down your score in each area so you can easily see where the blockages may be occurring.

Why cash flow is important

Cash flow is at the heart of every business – achieving a good balance between your expenditure and your income.

However more sales doesn’t always equate to more cash. Businesses enjoying a fast-growth spell can make the mistake of believing a large number of orders is ample, but if you can’t pay your overheads until the invoices are cleared, this creates an issue.

What is Cash flow consultant?

The Cash flow consultant can identify any blockages a businesses may experience during any stage of the cash flow cycle - whether that be receiving payment from clients, managing suppliers or generating funds to grow your company.

Through Cash flow consultant, Johnston Carmichael offer a wide range of support services to help resolve issues in the cash flow process. We also work closely with an extended team of trusted experts to help deliver these solutions, end to end.

Some of the benefits we offer

  • Improving operational efficiency

    Improving operational efficiency

  • Raising Finance

    Raising Finance

  • Recovering your goods or assets

    Recovering your goods or assets

  • Locating customers & securing payments

    Locating customers & securing payments