Our Innovation Taxes team helps companies access R&D Tax Incentives, as well as other tax incentives for innovative and creative businesses, including Patent Box Relief and Video Games Tax Relief.

R&D Tax Incentives

The UK R&D Tax Incentive regimes are designed to promote private sector investment in innovation. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can claim under the R&D tax credit scheme, whereas large companies (and SMEs carrying out funded or contract R&D) can claim under the Research and Development Expenditure Credit scheme (RDEC). SMEs can claim up to 33p for every pound of eligible expenditure on in-house, unfunded R&D, and can receive a cash payment even if they are loss-making or pre-trading.

We offer a range of R&D Tax Incentive Services, from feasibility studies to full claim preparation - find out more.

Patent Box Relief

Once technology has been developed and commercialised, Patent Box Relief can offer significant Corporation Tax savings to companies on the profits they generate.

Companies that elect into the Patent Box regime obtain an effective 10% rate of Corporation Tax on profits attributable to qualifying Intellectual Property (IP), rather than the main rate of Corporation Tax (currently 19%). The Patent Box regime is complex; however, at Johnston Carmichael our specialists are on hand to help you through every step of the process. 

We offer a range of Patent Box Relief services, from feasibility studies to full claim preparation - find out more

Video Games Tax Relief

Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) is one of a group of corporate tax reliefs designed to assist companies operating within creative industries. 

Introduced in 2014, VGTR can generate significant corporation tax savings for UK game developers. Qualifying companies can claim an additional deduction in calculating taxable profits of up to 80% of the core expenditure incurred in developing the video game. In certain circumstances, the relief can result in cash payments becoming due to the company.

Although the relief is generous, the VGTR legislation is complex and there are numerous conditions that must be satisfied in order for a company to be eligible to claim. In addition, companies also need to consider the potential implications that claiming VGTR might have on the availability of other reliefs and benefits. For example, a company cannot claim both VGTR and R&D Tax Relief in respect of the same expenditure.

We offer a range of VGTR Services, from feasibility studies to full claim preparation - find out more.

Our team

Our Innovation Taxes team, which has combined R&D tax relief experience of more than 35 years, can help you navigate the legislation and accompanying guidance, with a view to ensuring that your company receives the maximum relief to which it is entitled. It is often levied at accountants that they don’t have the technical expertise necessary to effectively identify activities that qualify as R&D and to evidence these to HMRC, but this simply cannot be said about Johnston Carmichael. The team comprises scientific and engineering expertise as well as the tax technical, accounting and business advisory specialists necessary to ensure that a holistic approach is taken to the preparation of every claim.

The firm also sits as part of HMRC’s consultative committee on R&D.  This means that we are part of a group of advisers and companies who consult with HMRC on their latest priorities and objectives with regards to their policing of the regimes. It also provides us with a useful forum to feedback on consultations or proposed changes to the legislation and accompanying guidance.

Our clients range from small start-ups to large multinationals, which highlights the flexible approach that we take to assisting clients in this area.

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