Access to finance remains one of the biggest challenges for many SMEs, made all the more acute in recent times by limited access to debt funding.

Introduced in 1994, the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) was created to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise equity finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors.

Since it was established, more than 22,000 individual companies have received investment through the scheme and over £12.3 billion of funds have been raised.

Already a popular route to finance for both companies seeking funding support and investors, the scheme’s profile has grown consistently to the point that it is now seen as one of the main sources of external funding for the UK’s SMEs.

Our team has lengthy experience, dating back to the EIS’ earliest days, of supporting businesses and investors in maximising its benefits.

The scheme is noted for the complexity of the rules which govern it and a key element of the support we provide for our clients is assisting them in navigating these to ensure a successful outcome for companies and potential investors.

We work closely with businesses and funders to explain the risks and challenges involved and outline an effective strategy for achieving your business ambitions or meeting your investment expectations.

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