As we look ahead to 2023/24, we have considered the key upcoming issues in the Payroll and HR space.

We've broken the information down in to the categories below. 

Good Work Plan

Employment Law Tribunals


Good Work Plan

The UK Government is looking to establish a single enforcement body for employment rights. This might include:

  • National Minimum Wage compliance
  • Enforcement powers regarding statutory payments
  • Enforcement powers regarding holiday accrual and payment
  • Gratuities and tips compliance including TRONC schemes

Other aspects of the bill include:

  • A new right for workers to reflect a more stable contract after 26 weeks
  • New legislation to enhance flexible working rights
  • Legislation to make it compulsory for employers to publish their modern slavery statement
  • Extension of the protection on redundancy for workers currently off on statutory leave
  • Protection for workers and employers on shift cancellations
  • Further measures on employee performance management regarding criminal offences

Employment Law Tribunals

We have noted below the new figures for tribunal awards and statutory redundancy pay.

The new figures apply where the effective date of termination in dismissal cases and the relevant date for redundancy payments falls on or after 6 April 2023. This means that for any redundancies taking effect on or after 6 April 2023, statutory redundancy payments will need to be recalculated in line with the increased limits.

Statutory redundancy payments and unfair dismissal claim limits, along with guidelines for discrimination awards, are expected to be revised upwards with effect in April 2023. We will keep you updated on any such changes.

Tribunal awards for England, Scotland & Wales

Tribunal Awards   
EffectiveApril 2020April 2021April 2022
Minimum basic award for unfair dismissal£6,562£6,634£6,959
Minimum compensation for exclusion/expulsion from trade union£10,022£10,132£10,628
Limit on compensation for unfair dismissal£88,519£89,493£93,878

Statutory redundancy pay for England, Scotland & Wales

Statutory Redundancy Pay   
EffectiveApril 2020April 2021April 2022
Maximum weekly amount£538£544£571

Guarantee payments for England, Scotland & Wales

Remember, employees who are laid off or put on short-time working are entitled to pay for days they do not work at all. This is called 'statutory guarantee pay' and is the legal minimum an employer must pay. Employers might offer a better guarantee pay scheme. Employees should check their contract.

The current rate is £31.00 per day.

Guarantee Payments   
EffectiveApril 2021April 2022April 2023
Daily amount limit£30£31£31


Please don't hesitate to get in touch If you would like to discuss any of this with a member of our Payroll team.