Our dedicated Fishing team in Aberdeen and Fraserburgh has over 100 years’ experience of advising the industry.

With stocks healthy, fuel prices low and a marked trend towards new vessel builds, there is optimism about the potential for future growth for the sector in Scotland.

And as well as new vessels coming on stream to replace older boats, fishermen themselves are also looking to the next generation and planning their succession strategy. 

With the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, previously a popular alternative career for young people in our fishing communities, there are signs the sector is attracting new blood once again.

As ever, there are regulatory factors for operators to consider, not least issues around landing obligations and possible restrictions on quotas.

Led by our Head of Fishing, Alex Martin, our specialist team has the sector expertise and local knowledge to help position your business for future growth and tackle your areas of financial concern.

Whether you’re looking for advice on your growth ambitions, support on retirement and succession planning, or insight on wealth management and tax planning, we can provide the answers you require.