Our Food & Drink Industry Survey is an annual analysis of the sector - one of the UK’s largest, most successful and most important sectors. The survey is open to businesses of all sizes from across the UK. This means that we have a survey which paints as accurate a picture as possible of the sector.

In our survey, we aim to ask the right questions. The topics we cover need to be current, as well as being relevant to all participants from across the whole sector. As a firm, we learn a lot from the findings, and it helps us understand what’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind, over and above what we learn from our own clients. We develop our service offering and tailor our communications throughout the year, supported by the results of the report. We also offer our voice and influence where we can so that the key challenges affecting the sector are heard.

Businesses across the sector are resilient, and UK food and drink is respected around the globe, with many brands leading the way with innovative products, packaging, and sustainable operations. 

The topics under discussion in our 2023 report were: 

  • Business health 
  • Performance and profitability 
  • Innovation and automation 
  • Funding for growth 
  • International  
  • ESG 
  • People 

The report shows the extent to which challenges are impacting decision making and planning. Our own team of experts reflect on the results and share their own views. Offering some ideas for consideration and thoughts on the year ahead.  

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