The professional services sector runs like a spine through the economic body of Scotland, sustaining and supporting our business community and making a major contribution to productivity, growth & financial health.

From surveyors and lawyers to dentists, estate agents and architects, professional service companies play a central part in the day-to-day life of Scotland.

As a professional services firm ourselves and as experts in our field, we have lengthy experience of supporting our industry partners across the professions with their tax and accountancy needs.

Individual sectors have their own unique challenges, with law firms and the legal sector, for example, having undergone significant change in recent years, leading to a strong trend towards mergers and acquisitions.

And across the industry as a whole, professional services firms are seeking advice on devising strategies to tackle issues such as staff retention, financial reporting and the impact of increasing regulation.

Our strong relationships with professional services companies across the sector and our deep understanding of both current and potential challenges mean we can deliver a comprehensive range of advisory services and practical support, including advice on strategic planning and the most suitable business structure.

Led by Yvonne Irwin, our team of trusted business advisers are well equipped to assist you across all the key accounting and tax services as well as audit, cash flow management, payroll assistance and wealth management.