Oil and gas has made a massive contribution to the health and vitality of the Scottish economy for decades.

However, with the oil price downturn and the energy transition drive it is currently facing its most challenging period for a generation, the industry is adjusting its approach and operators are reshaping their businesses in response to this new economic environment.

As trusted advisers to the sector, we’re helping our clients make that adjustment and implement new strategies for their businesses.

Our Aberdeen-based Oil & Gas team, led by Graham Alexander, are immersed in the industry and have the experience and insight to assist you.

Alongside our specialism in the subsea sector and our widespread knowledge of the local market, our long-standing relationships with the industry’s SMEs mean we understand your challenges and have the expertise and innovative approach to help you realise your ambitions. 

Global approach

For many of our oil and gas customers, our advice on entering and operating in international markets is invaluable. Navigating different legal systems and regulations, understanding unfamiliar local customs, and overcoming language barriers are just some of the issues which companies can face.

Our International Tax specialists will assess your tax position from a global view. 

And, as part of Moore Global Network Limited, one of the top 10 global networks of accounting firms, we have extended our reach to 260 locations in over 110 countries, enabling us to support your business, wherever you are.