My JC Path as an Audit Senior

Noor Habib

Noor Habib

Audit Assistant

Noor Habib joined Johnston Carmichael in July 2022 as part of our Graduate summer intake. Working in our Glasgow office as an Audit Senior, we caught up with Noor to chat about a career in Audit and the best things about working at JC.

How did you hear about the firm and what made JC stand out when you were looking for opportunities?

With JC being the largest independent firm in Scotland I was obviously drawn to the role, given the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of clients and gain an insight into various industries.

Why Audit – did you always want to work in this kind of role?

Having studied Law at University, a career in Audit was not the most common choice amongst my peers. However, I was always intrigued by the idea of Audit as a career and thought I would be more suited to the role. Given my lack of an accounting background I was definitely nervous when I first started at JC. However, everyone was extremely helpful and made sure I felt confident and comfortable to ask for help when needed.

What’s been your most interesting learning or experience at work so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at JC thus far but I would say the most interesting experiences have been travelling to our various clients and touring their sites gaining an invaluable insight into their processes. Talking to clients is the most interesting aspect of the role, the opportunity to learn about different industries and companies has been extremely enjoyable.

What do you enjoy most about working at JC?

Definitely the people – with our various social events and activities we really get to know our colleagues and have bonded as a team! There is a great culture at JC and the team is always willing to help and support each other. The CSR Committee have put on an array of events in Glasgow, notably the annual Christmas party at the Grand Central Hotel. There are also various fundraising event such as bake sales and the weekly bun run!

Why would you recommend a career in Audit to other graduates who may be looking for their next steps?

I would recommend a career in Audit at JC to other graduates, as the training programme is great. The support and mentoring given to us is fantastic, people are always happy to help! Studying and working full time can be a challenge but JC provides a huge level of support and resources to assist in any way they can.

One last question for fun – what has been your best meal ever?!

Too many to choose from but I would definitely say lunch at Madisons next to the Glasgow office is a strong contender!

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