A Step Ahead: Gearing up for the Mighty Stride

Mairi Clark

Mairi Clark

Business Advisory Senior

11 April 2024

The Kiltwalk is back for 2024, and we’re marking our eighth year as Gold Sponsors of the event! Last year, we had 160 of our ‘Chartered Akiltants’ taking part, covering over 3,000 miles for a host of different charities – and this year is set to be the biggest yet for the Kiltwalk.

As the Glasgow Kiltwalk approaches, we caught up with Mairi Clark, Business Advisory Senior, to find out what inspired her to sign up for The Mighty Stride, and how she has been preparing for the challenge.

Mairi, what made you want to sign up to the Glasgow Kiltwalk this year?

When I took part in the Kiltwalk with JC in 2022, I didn’t really know many of the team that well in Glasgow. I do like walking as a general (not normally to this level) so thought it would be a good way to get to know people in the team, who surely must like the same things as me. It is quite a challenge, so I like that side, plus all the snacks and chat along the way!

You took part in the Doddie Aid challenge last year, have you been doing any similar training to prepare for the Glasgow Kiltwalk? 

Sort of, as part of the Doddie Aid challenge last year, I set myself a challenge of running 100 miles in the month of January. I didn’t manage to start it on the 1st, which wasn’t my best decision. I’ve always run on and off, but after that challenge I’ve ended up running a lot more and doing a few races. Right now, I’m training for my third half marathon. So, I am hoping the training for that will fall into prepping for the Kiltwalk. I am very aware that I talk a lot about running nowadays, so I can already feel my team in Business Advisory in Glasgow rolling their eyes as they read this!

Michael, Raymond, Claire, Mairi, and Claire from team JC at the Glasgow Kiltwalk in 2022


You’ve signed up for The Mighty Stride, which is estimated to take around six hours, that’s a good amount of time to really get to know someone. So, who would your dream walking companions be (if you could choose anyone at all past or present, celebrity or not!) to walk this distance with?

This is very sentimental, but it would be my family, especially my gran and grandpas, that are now no longer here. I have a thousand questions I wish I had asked them. Daft stuff like what was their favourite tea when they were wee. I love a chat about the wee silly stuff and as much as my family can drive me slightly up the wall, we always have a good chat and laugh when together. If nothing else, my mum and I will be putting the world to rights.

We have 42 of our ‘Chartered Akiltants’ signed up to take part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk this year. What do you think will keep you all motivated throughout the day? Have you discussed any conversation topics or games ahead of time with anyone? 

The snacks will definitely keep us going! So far, there hasn’t been a plan for the chat or games. A lot of the chat between colleagues over a cup of tea in the Glasgow office revolves around fun and jokes, so I’m sure that will be the same on the day.

Do you have any playlist/Podcast recommendations which you’ll be listening to?

I probably won’t be listening to much because I genuinely think I could talk for six hours solid easily, however, I have many podcasts I would listen to if I was on my own. I have to credit Neil Wilson, Business Advisory Partner, for this one, but The Rest is History is such a good podcast and I would highly recommend it! I also love Sentimental Garbage which talks in so much detail about movies, music, and bands etc that society sometimes tries to look down on, and how interesting and loved they actually are!

Finally, and this is a big one, have you planned which snacks you’re going to take with you?

For substance, I might take a wee sandwich with me. For snacks, chocolate, it’s always chocolate.

Mairi, front middle, and team JC after the Glasgow Kiltwalk in 2022


Sign up for 2024

So, if you’re looking to set yourself a challenge in 2024, it's not too late to get involved! The Glasgow Kiltwalk has now sold out, so make sure to sign up to the others while you still can! There are different distances to choose from in each city (Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh) - full details can be found on the Kiltwalk website.

Put your best foot forward in 2024 and walk with us! We look forward to seeing you there!

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