My JC Path as a Financial Services Audit Director

Richard Sutherland

Richard Sutherland

Financial Services Audit Partner

16 March 2022

Richard Sutherland joined JC as an Audit Director in May 2021, working with clients in our growing Financial Services sector. Here, Richard shares why he made the move to JC after 13 years with a Big 4 firm, and what he enjoys most about his role.

What led you to a career in Financial Services Audit?

After completing a law degree and a Masters in Finance and Investment Management, as well as various work placements during university, I was confident that a career in financial services was where I wanted to end up. The adjustment to the world of work straight from university was a challenge, and juggling studying for my ACCA qualification alongside work commitments was tough, but I found that after qualifying there is a sense of ownership and responsibility within the profession that is second to none and with every year that goes past I enjoy the job more and more.

What attracted you to JC?

I wasn’t looking to leave my previous firm, but from the moment I had my first interview at JC I found the partner group to be so supportive, encouraging and trusting that I never looked back. The picture that was painted for me was one of a growing Financial Services practice where I would be able to help shape our audit approaches, our quality agenda and the team, as well as the type of clients that we decide to take on. That type of responsibility is something that is hard to come across in a firm as recognisable as JC. I’ve found it to be a great move and I look forward to the coming years with excitement.   

What kind of businesses do you work with?

My core clients are investment trusts and open ended funds in the audit space. I’ve also got a number of other audit clients within the FS sector, such as pension providers and asset managers. 

What part of your role do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy seeing our people develop and grow. It’s important that we continue to trust our teams and give them the space to grow and challenge themselves. I must say that in the current environment, with online classes and remote working, our graduates do exceptionally well to balance their professional and study commitments.

Much of my own growth in recent years has been on the job through client interactions. In terms of my engagements we are continually striving to enhance quality. It’s an ever moving goalpost but I really enjoy seeing my teams take responsibility and bring new ideas to the table to enhance quality..

What are your goals for the next five years?

Since I joined JC we have seen fantastic growth within our Financial Services sector. I’d love to see that growth continue, to bring more challenges and opportunities both for the business and for our team, so we can continue to develop our people and allow them to   broaden their skills and enjoy an interesting and rewarding career at JC.

What keeps you busy outside work?

My 16 month old daughter Lily certainly keeps me busy (and entertained). JC’s flexible working approach has allowed me to spend quality time with her every day which has been an enormous positive for our family dynamic. I’ve also committed to running more this year - my aim of reaching 100k every month has been keeping me busy, particularly in the last week of each month as I try to hit the target!! One month down, only 11 to go!!

If you weren’t an Audit Director, what would you be?

I’m a competitive person who loves a team environment, so if I wasn’t working at JC I would love to be a professional rugby player, maybe in the OAPs team nowadays sadly (you didn’t say it needed to be a realistic alternative!).

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