My JC Path: From Johnston Carmichael Wealth to a People Experience secondment

Anna Hall

Anna Hall

People Coordinator

23 January 2020

At Johnston Carmichael there’s no shortage of opportunities - you can take your JC Path in any direction you choose. In this short blog, Anna Hall explains how a secondment has helped her grow her own way, from starting out as a Technical Assistant at Johnston Carmichael Wealth to developing new skills as part of our People Experience team.

Tell us about Your JC Path

I joined Johnston Carmichael Wealth as a Technical Assistant back in April last year. A few months ago I saw a notice on our internal Hub about a secondment opportunity for an assistant in the People Experience team - since that’s an area I’ve always been interested in, I decided to go for it and put myself forward. I was thrilled when I was offered the role and now eight weeks in, I’m really enjoying it!

What attracted you to joining Johnston Carmichael Wealth?

I wasn’t actively looking for a job in the financial sector, but I chanced across the advert and thought the role sounded interesting. When I was interviewed by my potential manager, it was her enthusiasm for Johnston Carmichael Wealth that sealed the deal for me. She was so passionate about the business and spoke so positively about the way they treat their people and their approach to career progression. It was clear she genuinely loved working here and once I joined, I could see exactly why. The team are like a little family! You’re welcomed straight in, there’s always someone there if you have a question, if your workload is particularly heavy someone will always offer to lend a hand - everyone pulls together.

I would never have thought I’d have the chance to work in People Experience, but here I am - learning new things every day, gaining a really broad range of skills and experience, and loving it!

What motivated you to make the leap to People Experience?

My stepmother previously worked in Human Resources and she always came home feeling like she had achieved something special and worthwhile during the day, so I’d liked the idea of it for a long time but had never seen a route into it. When this opportunity came up, it seemed perfect! It’s been such an interesting transition going from a client-focused role in Wealth to a more internal staff support function. I’ve loved every moment so far - it sounds like a cliché but every day really is different, you never know what’s going to come up!

How has our ‘Grow Your Own Way’ approach helped you develop your career?

I’ve never worked anywhere that has an approach like JC’s. In previous workplaces, for whichever role I’ve been in there has been a set progression route and limited options to diversify. I think internal mobility brings out the best in people by allowing them to try something new and discover where their talents lie, without the stress of having to hop from workplace to workplace. Taking on a role you’ve never tried before in a completely new company is a really daunting prospect, so it can put people off taking a chance on something they might like. It’s fantastic to work for a company that actively encourages you to take control of your own career path and supports you in finding the role that best suits your abilities. I would never have thought I’d have the chance to work in People Experience, but here I am - learning new things every day, gaining a really broad range of skills and experience, and loving it!

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