Looking ahead to EIE 2020 – tech that plays a role in changing our lives here and now

EIE 2020 is going to feel a little different this year, being held completely online, and while I’m intrigued to see how that works, I can’t help thinking about the huge opportunity this presents the pitchers, as EIE opens up to a global stage. The eyes of the tech investor world could be on Scotland and that’s exciting!

One of the core aims of EIE this year is to help drive the economic recovery in a post COVID-19 world. With the spark, vision and problem solving abilities entrepreneurs possess, getting a whole host of these talented individuals together in a virtual room can only help to power this up. This year a cohort of 50 companies will be pitching data driven, innovative solutions to real world problems.

Problem solving tech in a turbulent time

As well as learning about the cracking businesses and inspiring entrepreneurs behind them, one of the key takeaways from me at EIE is learning how the tech landscape is developing and where entrepreneurs are focusing their attention. In a post-Brexit world, more and more companies will be encouraged to look globally and it will be really interesting to hear how Scotland-based entrepreneurs are looking to achieve this, as well as helping others to achieve this too. I always find it fascinating to hear how these businesses at the cutting edge are looking to invest, what they’re researching and the problems they’re trying to solve. It’s so encouraging to hear that people are still passionate about doing this, especially in this incredibly turbulent time.

What tech could make a difference to our lives right now?

I’ll be really intrigued to hear from those businesses developing tech to make a difference to our lives right now. Any tech that will make the lives of businesses, customers and others easier in this COVID-19 world will be sure to pique the interest of the investors too!  Whether that’s improvements to remote working, tech to allow businesses to perform their tasks more efficiently while reducing the need for working in close proximity, or easier ways to reach and adapt to your customers at this time. What will also be interesting, is to understand how these solutions, that may be pitched at our current environment, will be robust and agile enough to continue to be a success in the future - beyond COVID-19 - whenever that may be.

See you at EIE!

I’ll be at EIE on 14 October and it is also my birthday, so two reasons to be excited! I can’t wait to hear this year’s pitches, learn what these inspiring businesses are developing and a global spotlight being shone on the talented Scottish community. If you’re attending and have time for a chat, we’d love to say hello, - ‘pop by’ to the virtual Johnston Carmichael stand.

Andrew Holloway is Head of Entrepreneurial Taxes at Johnston Carmichael and works with a range of businesses from start-ups to businesses going global.