Investment commentary from BMO Global Asset Management - February 2021

Craig Hendry

Craig Hendry

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

19 February 2021

Paul Green, Investment Manager at BMO Global Asset Management, provides our Wealth team with an overview of 2020 and an outlook for the year ahead.

2020 was undeniably the most challenging year we've had as investment managers, since our team was formed in the mid 1990s. We started the year with positivity, with global economic growth picking up to one of extreme pessimism as the pandemic struck. However, with technology stocks hitting new highs in 2020 due to the change in working patterns and the break through of approved vaccines fueled a strong performance to the last quarter of the year.

In 2021, with monetary stimulus from central banks, and governments from around the world trying to stimulate growth within their economies, it is this combination of monetary and fiscal stimulus that could be positive for future economic growth, and it could be the start of a leadership changes in stock markets.

Update for Johnston Carmichael 

Click on the video below to hear BMO Global Asset Management's investment outlook for the months ahead and how as active managers they can make changes to take opportunities as they arise.

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