60 Seconds… with a Curling Enthusiast

Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell

Business Advisory Senior Manager

22 February 2018

    Jane Mitchell is a Business Advisory Senior Manager based in our Inverurie Office. Jane is a huge fan of curling, having participated in the sport for many years. Jane currently plays for the Clydesdale Bank team in the Finance Leagues at Curl Aberdeen.

    Hi Jane! Can you describe Curling in 3 words?

    "Energetic, coordinated, fun."

    How, where and when did you get involved in the sport of Curling? Do you participate in a team?

    "I moved to work in Glasgow in the early 2000s with Clydesdale Bank and got involved with the Bank’s curling league at Braehead Arena in Glasgow. I still curl for Clydesdale Bank in the Finance League at Curl Aberdeen." 

    What’s involved in the training?

    "Having the commitment and dedication to maintain good levels of overall fitness. The matches are normally a two-hour session of curling and sweeping the stones. This involves having good balance through core strength for staying upright on the ice and strong arm muscles for all that sweeping of the stones."

    What do you most enjoy about Curling?

    "The team spirit that is forged at each match with a view to winning the match." 

    It’s often said that, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ – is this the case with Curling? If so, why?

    "That is definitely the case. If teamwork is not evident at each match, with the participants playing in their key position of strength, you’re not going to be in the best position to win the match."

    What attributes are applied to a successful Curling team that you could also apply to your working life at Johnston Carmichael? 

    "In both curling and working at Johnston Carmichael, it is important to have a team spirit, with a team that has been trained in the right skills to then commit to deliver a top performance on every occasion."

    What’s the hardest thing about Curling?

    "Knowing where your stone is going to finish up on the ice once you deliver it."

    What’s been your biggest Curling achievement?

    "Winning the Inter District competition in Perth in 2006."

    Johnston Carmichael are proud sponsors of the upcoming World Junior Curling Championships taking place at Curl Aberdeen from 3-10 March, 2018.  We wish all the competitors good luck!