Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Until a business achieves a sustainable cash flow balance, founders and investors will continually wrestle with how much cash is needed, how to access it, and where it is sourced from. 

There are a variety of funding types and avenues available to companies, and the most appropriate will be dependent on your own particular circumstances. There is often no ‘right answer’ but there are certainly wrong ones, and we have set out below some key considerations when raising equity funding.

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If you are a start-up, scale-up, or later-stage technology & life sciences business, it is almost inevitable that you will cross over into areas where Johnston Carmichael’s Entrepreneurial Taxes Team can support you. Our team works with companies of all shapes and sizes but has particular expertise in helping high growth tech companies secure those valuable investor tax reliefs known as Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Despite the appeal of these reliefs for investors, there are a range of issues to consider as a company. To make the scheme even more attractive, ahead of an investment, a company can seek to get HMRC confirmation that they will be a qualifying company for the purpose of SEIS / EIS. Seeking Advance Assurance from HMRC is not a necessity, but it is the only way to provide certainty to potential investors. 

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