HMRC has provided the following helpful guidance for MTD:

How do I check my taxable turnover?

To calculate your taxable turnover go to:

I send my VAT Returns online, is this not digital?

Under MTD, you need to keep digital records and send us your VAT Returns using software that is compatible with MTD. Your online tax account is not compatible with MTD. This means you should not use it to send us your VAT Return and you need to sign up to use MTD.

I am using software, is this not digital?

If you have not signed up to MTD and authorised your software to work with MTD, you will not be able to send us your VAT Returns using MTD software. You need to sign up to use MTD.

Can my accountant sort out my MTD as well as my VAT?

Your agent can sign you up to MTD for VAT. However, you should contact them to make sure that they sign you up without delay. This is because you are responsible for meeting your VAT obligations.

What action will you take if I do not sign up?

We want to support customers to do what MTD requires during this difficult time. This means you should sign up to stop us taking further action. We could charge you penalties if you do not sign up to MTD.

I tried to sign up to MTD but I experienced technical difficulties.

All businesses can now sign up to MTD VAT. If you have already tried to sign up but had technical difficulties, you should try again.

If you still have difficulties, please tell us. Do this by selecting the link at the bottom of the webpage you are on and select ‘Get help with this page’. We can then investigate this for you.