Market Commentary August 2019

Craig Hendry

Craig Hendry

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

The first few days of August saw the main UK index get off to a bad start as the trade tensions between the US and China ramped up with a new wave of tit for tat tariffs being announced.

This, combined with a swathe of negative corporate news saw the index fall more than 6% before recovering only slightly to end the month 5% down.

As the trade tensions between the US and China gathers momentum and the UK enters what is potentially the final 60 days before the UK leaves the EU, continued market volatility can be expected.

For the month of August the top 5 FTSE 100 rising stock were:

  • Fresnillo PLC +21.1%
  • ITV PLC +8.6%
  • Ocado PLC +7.2%
  • Just Eat PLC +6.7%
  • Unilever PLC +5.1%

Fresnillo PLC rose as demand for precious metals such as gold and silver increased at the expense of equity risk assets. 

For the month of August the top 5 FTSE 100 falling stock were:

  • Micro Focus International PLC -36.2%
  • Evraz PLC -19%
  • Prudential PLC -14.5%
  • Standard Life Aberdeen PLC -14.4%
  • Legal & General Group PLC -12.8%

Shares in Micro Focus International PLC suffered badly on news that the company would miss full year revenue forecasts and faced a deteriorating macro environment.

On the foreign exchange markets, although sterling was relatively flat for the period, there was continued volatility throughout August as one would expect with the current geopolitical situation.

As tensions between Iran and the USA subsided somewhat, the price of oil fell.

On the domestic front, the rate of inflation increased to 2.1%.

31 August 20191 month6 months12 months24 months36 months48 months60 months
FTSE 1007,207.18-5.00%1.87%-3.03%-3.01%6.28%



Brent Crude (US$)55.10-5.89%-3.70%-21.06%16.66%23.27%11.99%-42.58%
Gold (US$ per oz)1,520.507.66%15.69%26.59%15.01%16.16%34.02%18.09%


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