Coronavirus - COVID-19 update email from HMRC

Douglas Rintoul

Douglas Rintoul

IT Partner

Many of our clients recently received an email from HMRC regarding the coronavirus crisis. It shares certain characteristics of a phishing email, in particular asking you to provide your bank account number and sort code, but we've looked into this email and can confirm it's genuine.

Email appearance and content

We've taken a screenshot of the email as an example. Click on the heading image below to view a copy of the email in a new window,

Our findings

We have analysed the email, and it is a valid communication from HMRC to employers or their agents.  It explains that you need to be ready and have certain information to hand when their new portal for the “Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme”  is opened towards to the end of April.

This allows you to claim back the furlough payment from HMRC that you pay your employees under the scheme.

No action is required, at the moment, in terms of replying to HMRC, but please make contact with your adviser at Johnston Carmichael and we can help you prepare for having the correct information to hand when applying for the payments.