On the ground, down to earth and on your side

National Farmers Union Scotland (NFU Scotland) promotes and protects the interests of its members by influencing government, the supply chain and consumers in order to secure a sustainable future for Scottish agriculture. Formed in 1913, NFU Scotland is the country’s leading agricultural organisation representing 9,000 farmers, crofters, growers and other supporters.

Chief Executive, Scott Walker, points to Johnston Carmichael’s experience and knowledge of the sector as a key benefit of working with the firm.

“Johnston Carmichael stood out from their competitors because of their understanding of farming. Being a representative organisation, you’ve got to have empathy with clients. Johnston Carmichael not only provide a first class service, they also understand our members and that’s hugely important to us.

“It’s important that Johnston Carmichael staff have a farming background. It means they can empathise with our members and understand both the trials and tribulations that farms have to undergo.

“Not only did we need a firm that understands accounts - we needed one which understands farming and has an affinity with it.”

Scott believes that an important factor in the partnership between the two organisations has been the strong working relationship they have established.

“We looked at a number of accountancy firms to make sure they were up to the standards that our members would expect. And then it was down to the personal touch.”

Johnston Carmichael’s ability to tailor an approach which fitted NFU Scotland’s requirements has also been significant.

“Our first internal need was for an audit service to make sure we were doing everything in the correct manner.

“The second was to provide a tax helpline for our members. It’s important for our members to be able to get specialist advice because farming’s a cyclical industry. With farming businesses being so complex, it’s important we have an accountancy firm at the end of the phone that can help our members to navigate the complexity of the rules and regulations.”

In Scott’s view, Johnston Carmichael’s networks across both the farming and business communities are important attributes in helping NFU Scotland support its members.

“The fact that Johnston Carmichael has multiple offices across Scotland is really important to us. We represent farmers across the country and farmers want that local connection. They appreciate a local office that they can travel to.

The help Johnston Carmichael provides is invaluable and helps us to represent our members in the corridors of power.

Scott Walker

Chief Executive, NFU Scotland

Johnston Carmichael’s ethos of helping new, young and developing businesses is a close fit with NFU Scotland’s own approach.

“Farming is constantly changing and new people are entering all the time. These new individuals are facing a challenging time and the help that NFU Scotland give in partnership with Johnston Carmichael is really important.”

Scott is in no doubt that the strength of the partnership between Johnston Carmichael and NFU Scotland is based on the rapport between the two organisations.

“The important thing for me is Johnston Carmichael’s understanding of farming businesses and of NFU Scotland. You’re not treated as just a client, you’re treated as a friend of the company.”

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