Businesses across all sectors are feeling the impact of the COVID 19 crisis in different ways. The Government has provided some useful measures to some of those sectors hit the hardest and we have summarised these below:

Hospitality & Tourism
Infrastructure & Renewable Energy
Third Sector


On Wednesday 25 March the Scottish Government announced an initial support package of £5 million for the fishing and seafood industry. This will include onshore processing firms.

Owners of vessels under 12 metres in length will receive an initial payment of 50% of two months average earnings administered by Marine Scotland. As many fishermen in this sector have lost their livelihoods almost overnight this is a positive and much needed boost.

On Friday 17 April the Scottish Government allocated a further £3.5 million of support for fishing vessels of over 12m in length. It would appear that the additional support is being offered to the prawn fleet. Vessels with predominantly whitefish catches will not be eligible at present. We await to see if support will be extended to those vessels too

Hospitality & Tourism

Cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants were ordered to close from the evening of Friday 20 March 2020, or as soon as they practically can this evening. They will however be able to provide takeaway food services. Theatres, cinemas, gyms, shopping malls are to follow suit. 

These measures will be reviewed monthly. 

The Chancellor recognises the impact on those businesses in the hospitality sector, as the public are warned to avoid close social contact and only to go out if necessary. As many businesses look at ways to continue trading through alternative ways, there have been concerns about insurance policies not being valid. The government has now said, "for those venues which do have a policy that covers pandemics - the government action is sufficient to allow them to make claims”. 

For the smaller businesses in the hospitality sector who don't have insurance, the government will provide cash grants of £25,000 per business. Check your local council website for details of how to apply from 24 March.

Infrastructure & Renewable Energy

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) published a guidance note on 2 April 2020, which applies with immediate effect regarding continuing service provision in PFI/PF2 (and related) contracts during the COVID-19 emergency. Read more.

Third Sector

On Wednesday 8 April, the Chancellor announced a total pot of £750m for frontline charities across the UK. This is made up of £360m of which will be distributed directly by government departments, £370m for smaller charities including through a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund plus a commitment to pledge a minimum of £20m to match donations to the National Emergencies Trust as part of the BBC’s Big Night In fundraiser later this month. Where charitable services are devolved the UK Government has applied the Barnett formula in the normal way and hence it is expected that the devolved administrations will receive £60 million through the charities pot, and further significant Barnett allocations, dependent on the final proposals funded, through the direct grant pot. The devolved administrations are encouraged to use this funding to support charities. 

Third sector resilience fund - Scotland

In Scotland, SCVO’s Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub provides a focal point for advice and information for organisations, including in respect of available funding. This currently includes the Third Sector Resilience Fund, the National Emergencies Trust (managed in Scotland by Foundation Scotland) as well as specific Scottish Government funding. Full details are available on the SCVO's website now. We expect that news of the additional funding now made available by the UK Government will be set out here in due course.

In addition to this, OSCR has published coronavirus guidance for charities on their website. This guidance brings together information charities need to know during this time and highlights other organisations who may be able to offer support. Visit OSCR's website now.