Alexander Skea Limited (in Liquidation)

Gordon MacLure of Johnston Carmichael LLP was appointed as Provisional Liquidator of Alexander Skea Limited (the "Company") by Forfar Sheriff Court on Friday 26 January 2018.   Mr MacLure was subsequently appointed Interim Liquidator of the Company on 15 February 2018.

The Company ceased trading on 10 January 2018 and all employees were made redundant by its directors on that date. 

The Company’s self-storage business, which traded as Netdwes Self Storage, was sold to Land Containers Ltd, a company controlled and operated by Mr Derek Spink, on 5 March 2018.

Self-storage business sold

The Company’s former self-storage business, comprising container and storage rental at Peasiehill Road, Elliot Industrial Estate, Arbroath, was sold to Land Containers Ltd, a company controlled and operated by Mr Derek Spink, on 5 March 2018.

Self-storage customers can continue to use the self-storage facility and have until 5pm on 2 April 2018 to either agree ongoing rental terms with Land Containers Ltd or to responsibly remove their belongings from their containers. 

To discuss rental arrangements please contact Derek Spink by telephone on 07860 834 445.

Any rental payments for the period after 5 March 2018 should be agreed and paid to Land Containers Ltd.

Rent for self-storage container rental prior to 5 March 2018 should be paid by direct bank transfer to the bank account set up by the Interim Liquidator.  Please email to request bank details for remittances and to provide your full name, address and telephone number. 


The Interim Liquidator wrote to all creditors of the Company on 5 March 2018 enclosing a Claim Form and with details of the next steps in the liquidation. 

Former employees

The Interim Liquidator has submitted information to the Redundancy Payments Service in relation to amounts owed to former employees and has written to all former employees with information on how they can now claim any amounts due to them.

Book debts

Please note that any book debts due to the Company by customers of the former haulage business or the self-storage business remain payable.

For general enquiries or to ask questions in relation to the above, please contact Maria Humphries on 01224 212 222.

Please note that the Interim Liquidator has not and will not adopt any contracts entered into by the Company.  The Interim Liquidator is an agent of the Company and acts without personal liability.

Gordon MacLure is authorised to act as an insolvency practitioner in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.