How to plan a better retirement

Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker

Chartered Financial Planner

15 July 2021

This article originally appeared in The Scotsman on 14 July 2021.

In an ever-changing world there’s perhaps one central aspiration we all share - that we live to enjoy a long and happy retirement after decades of hard work.

But changes to the state pension ages which means many people won’t be entitled to that financial support until they are at least 67, plus a general mis-understanding of all things pension, means many Scots are uncertain of what their future holds, and what to do for the best.

Johnston Carmichael Wealth Ltd, a chartered financial planning firm with offices across the country, will be discussing this in a Scotsman webinar on September 1, entitled 'Retire better: how do I do it?'.

Among the topics being covered will be the fact that there’s a desire for many to retire even earlier, yet people are living longer – so can a pension pot be stretched to ensure it delivers everything you dream of? It will also cover how pensions have changed, the impact those changes have on us as individuals, and what we can do to help boost our own pension pots.

Vairi Smith, events director at the Scotsman, said: “We all aspire to retire better – and to enjoy those retirement years in good health and with enough wealth to enjoy our later years.

“But have we got the right plan in place to do that? Do we understand the options clearly in what can seem a complex web of pensions, savings, investments, cash flow and income drawdown?”

It’s free to join, but delegates need to sign up in advance. Places are open now – click here to book your place.


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