1. Customers
  2. Stock/Materials
  3. Production/Operations
  4. Finished Goods/Sales
  5. Invoices/Debtors
  1. Cash flow assessment

    You’ll be asked a few questions related to five key areas of your business. We’ll then provide advice and next steps on how to resolve any potential cash flow issues.

    5 minutes to complete

    Before you begin we have a few questions about your business.

    1. What type of business do you have?

  2. Customers

    1. Are your T&C’s up to date and effective?

    2. Do you carry out checks on your customer before supply so you know exactly who you are dealing with?

  3. Stock/Materials

    1. Have you got a shortfall in working capital, for example stock or cash?

  4. Production/Operations

    1. Do you need funding for capital expenditure?

    2. Is your management information timely, accurate and relevant?

    3. Do you suffer large waste/scrap costs?

    4. Is your workforce inefficient/de-motivated?

  5. Finished Goods/Sales

    1. Do you suffer long lead times?

  6. Invoices/Debtors

    1. Are customers paying on time?

    2. Do you struggle to recover your goods?

    3. Have you contracted with the wrong entity?

    4. Do you know how to deal with a customer or supplier insolvency?