Almost all businesses employ staff and, for any company, there are a huge number of areas such as compliance, PAYE, benefit reporting, National Insurance and HMRC enquiries which demand ongoing attention.

The challenge for many organisations is tackling the complexity and technical detail involved in all the issues which affect their employees, while still retaining focus on their day-to-day operations.

Our Employer Solutions team is hugely experienced in navigating this complex area and delivering practical, commercially-focused solutions which ease the burden on our clients.

Increasingly, our key client contacts are HR professionals and we’ll work closely with your internal team to address all the major issues which impact on your employees. Our payroll services team process over 200,000 payslips annually and more than 1,500 payroll clients benefit from our tailored approach.

And for those clients who need assistance on operating overseas, or coming into the UK, we’ll tailor our advice to suit your international needs. If required, we can also liaise on your behalf with strategic partners who can deliver specialist services and, together with the firms in our international network, we can provide worldwide support.

As part of our wider service, we can also provide access to colleagues in Johnston Carmichael with expertise in reward planning including share and share option schemes which serve to assist your staff retention and recruitment targets.

No matter which sector you’re operating in or which employee-related area is causing you concern, we can offer a solution which will give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on your business.

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