Unlike traditional fossil fuels, nature’s energy will never run out. Switching to renewable energy is essential for reducing the devastating effects of climate change, and protecting the natural environment for future generations.

Coronavirus - important information for PFI contractors

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) published a guidance note on 2 April 2020, which applies with immediate effect regarding continuing service provision in PFI/PF2 (and related) contracts during the COVID-19 emergency. Read more.

Scotland has historically enjoyed a reputation for the successful delivery of social infrastructure and renewable energy generation. The Scottish Government, under the auspices of the Scottish Futures Trust, has led the UK in the delivery of social infrastructure.

Its flagship Hub initiative has enjoyed huge success across all five territories supported by the NPD delivery model. In terms of renewable energy deployment, Scotland has delivered over 26% of the UK’s installed capacity with the natural resources to deliver significantly more, particularly as new technologies are developed and harnessed.

Our Infrastructure and Renewable Energy team, led by Mark Stewart, comprises experts in corporate finance, tax, capital allowances, accounting and audit services who provide our clients with deep sector expertise and a proven track record of completing deals both within the UK and internationally through the PKF family.

We advise our clients throughout the whole project lifecycle from initial feasibility studies through to achieving financial close in the primary market and buying and selling assets in the secondary market.

We have experience in a number of technologies including onshore wind, marine and tidal, hydro, solar, CHP, biomass, and battery storage. We have strong links with the funding market and local and national government agencies such as the Renewable Energy Investment Fund, Scottish Investment Bank, the Energy Savings Trust and CARES.

We are committed to helping position Scotland as a global hub for sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy investment.