With decades of experience in the banking sector, our Financial Services team has a deep and thorough understanding of the industry.

Our whitepapers delve into the challenges and opportunities for banks and other financial services firms; taking a closer look at the impact of various factors and how firms can manage and capitalise on these, and exploring the importance of a well-considered strategy.

Gradually, then suddenly (May 2021)

Arguably, the last decade has seen the financial services sector facing the most fundamental attack that it has faced in over a century, due to technological changes leading to new competition and driving swings in consumer behaviour. Looking in more detail at obsoletion, we begin by examining the key threats to financial services firms and finish by providing a strategic framework which can be used to avoid long-term decline.

The bank closure foxtrot - fast, slow, and then fast again (April 2021)

UK Banks are facing a post-COVID identity crisis, and it’s essential that they think hard about completely discarding their physical outlets if they wish to stay relevant in the future.

Coronavirus - a catalyst for change in the banking industry (April 2020)

This whitepaper sets out how banking business models have evolved since the financial crisis, the likely impacts on current business models from COVID-19 and the strategies that UK banks and building societies should be considering to create resilient future business models.

The circle of life - mitigating risk in the financial services sector (March 2020)

With banks and financial institutions continuing to play a prominent and important role in the global economy, how can they be strengthened against the effects of an economic downturn to ensure they remain resilient? Ewen Fleming explores the four pillars of risk that are key to this success.

Open Banking - a description and interpretation (December 2019)

Open Banking allows consumers to view their financial information from multiple providers within one location, saving them time and affording ease of access to information. Nearly two years since “go-live” how well is Open Banking being adopted by the key players and is it seen as a route to innovation or merely a compliance burden?

Commercial Partnerships - what can banks learn from the Roman Empire? (October 2019)

Not so long ago, FinTech and InsurTech firms were thought to present an existential threat to traditional financial services providers and their market share. ‘Adapt or die’ became the mantra. The realisation has come that there is more to be gained by working collaboratively together than there is from competing. However, partnerships can be very difficult to launch and make successful if a well thought through strategy and plan is not in place or followed.